? 2.4V
? Long-Lasting
? Nimh
? 1,500Mah
? Rechargeable Battery
? Comparable To Lenmar(R) Lencbc206
? Compatible With At&T(R) 91302, Lucent Technologies 91302, Panasonic(R) Kx-Tg2000B, Panasonic(R) Kx-Tg4000B, Panasonic(R) Kx-Tga200, Panasonic(R) Kx-Tga200B, Panasonic(R) Kx-Tga400B, Panasonic(R) Kx-Tga420B, Sprint(R) 89340, Uniden(R) Dect1588, Uniden(R) Dect1588-5, Uniden(R) Exi4560, Uniden(R) Exp4540, Uniden(R) Exp371, Memorex(R) Kxtg4000B, Memorex(R) Kxtga200, Memorex(R) Mph-6925, Panasonic(R) Kx-Tga400, Radio Shack(R) 43-3533, Radio Shack(R) 43-3534, Radio Shack(R) 43-3541, Radio Shack(R) 43-3542, Radio Shack(R) 43-3543, Radio Shack(R) Et-3533, Radio Shack(R) Et-3534, Radio Shack(R) Et-3541, Radio Shack(R) Et-3542, Radio Shack(R) Et-3543, Uniden(R) Dect 1588-3T, Uniden(R) Cezai2998, Uniden(R) Dcx150, Uniden(R) Dect 1363, Uniden(R) Dect 1480, Uniden(R) Dect 1500, Uniden(R) Dect 1560, Uniden(R) Dect 1580-2, Uniden(R) Exp3710, Uniden(R) Exp380, Uniden(R) Exp4541, Uniden(R) Ezai2997, Uniden(R) Ezi2996 Empire(Tm) Cph-479B, Fenzer(R) Bg0006, Panasonic(R) Hhr-P506, Panasonic(R) Hhr-P506/A, Panasonic(R) Pqhhr150Aaz1, Panasonic(R) Tl26602, Presidian 43-260, Saft(R) Stb956, Uniden(R) Bt-1007, Byd(R)S-Daa650B02, Interstate(R) Atel0335, Nabc 721050000, Nabc Stb0335, Panasonic(R) Hhr-15F2G1, Panasonic(R) Pqhhr150Aa21, Panasonic(R) Pqp506Svc, Panasonic(R) #17, Radio Shack(R) 23-9096, Sony(R) Bp904, Southwestern Bell Bbty0624001, Southwestern Bell Bp904, Southwestern Bell Bt1007, Uniden(R) 52780708, Uniden(R) Bbty0460001, Uniden(R) Bbty0510001, Uniden(R) Bbty0624001 & Uniden(R) Bp904
Manufacturer: Ultralast
Mfg Part#: BATT-17
UPC: 076097609563
Condition: New
Availability: In Stock
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