Cat6 Solid Plenum Bulk Cable Bare Copper CMP - 1000 Feet, Blue A state-of-the-art network installation calls for the highest quality cabling. That’s what you get with Cmple’s Cat6 PVC/bare copper cable. Whether you’re rewiring an existing Ethernet network, building out a completely new network, or even making smaller Ethernet patch cables, it makes sense to consider your future network needs - rather than simply using the least-expensive “functional” components you can find. For that reason, Cat6 cabling should figure prominently in your plans and execution. This bulk Ethernet cable from Cmple ships in a 1000-foot length, sequentially marked by feet (for easy measurement) and contained in a sturdy and easy-to-use pull box. Most importantly, though, it is four-pair twisted Cat6 cable made of 100% bare copper, specifically rated to handle bandwidth up to 550 MHz as well as modern high-speed data transfer. It is the standard for gigabit (or higher) Ethernet cabling. Because this is Cat6 cable, it not only can handle greater bandwidth and speed with ease, it also is more resistant to NEXT and AXT cross-talk issues in noisy environments, thanks to the added twists and internal splines not usually found in Category 5 cabling. Cat6 cable ensures greater data integrity with less packet loss despite any interference existing in the surrounding environment. Cmple’s Cat6 bare copper Ethernet cable is 23 gauge in size, and perfect for indoor or riser network installs; it is ETL verified as CMR so it is certified safe to use in ceilings, walls or conduits. It is also durable and easy to work with because it is contained in PVC jacketing which protects and insulates the twisted copper wires, yet is flexible enough to work with even if the cable has to be bent or worked into tight spaces. It is also UL listed, conforming to communication cables standard 444, as well as certified for CAN/CSA standard C22.2 number 214. This cable can be used for long-throw wiring, or may easily be cut into smaller Cat6 patch cables. It is backward compatible with Cat5, Cat5e and Cat3 cabling so they may all be mixed in one installation, although eventual replacement of the older cables is certainly a good idea. Here are the key specs for this Cmple Cat5e plenum cable: Comes in a pull out, foot marked and easy to use box Cable Length: 1000ft Cable Conductor Material: 100% Bare Copper Plenum Jacket (CMP Rated) 4 Pair Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable Cable Performance: 550MHz Cable Gauge: 23AWG Color: Blue Major cabling installation or replacement can be a major pain. This Cmple Cat5e solid copper plenum cable is easy to work with, however, coming in a convenient pull-out box with the cable marked by the foot. Conforming to UL and CAN/CSA standards and CMP Rated, there’s no better alternative for cabling that runs throughout offices, buildings or other large structures.
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