Kensington Station Garden Wall Clock-Small

Old Kensington Station Clock. A classic interpretation of a clock that once hung at Kensington Station, its unique two-sided design…

Kng 028524 America 1963 Spilt-Window Corvette Telephone

* 1963 Split Window Corvette Telephone
* Beep Beep Horn Ringer
* Electronic Push…

Paramount 1903 Antique Wall Reproduction Novelty Phone

A great looking replica wooden wall phone with a metal antique brass bell and handset hook, and a touchtone dial.…

Paramount 1907 Wooden Wall Reproduction Phone

* Elegantly Decorated Wooden Wall Phone
* Die cast relief panels on cabinet
* Classic felted handset cord
* Center medallion for last…

Paramount American Eagle 1911 Reproduction Telephone

* Paramount Collections antique style decorator phone
* Push button dialing in a rotary fashion plate
* Center medallion button for redial

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